About me,

Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, my love and interest for Art started as a child, one that was very shy and sensitive but always curious and appreciative of beauty. Having a very delicate and creative mom and other artistic family members from my father's side, have most certainly influence and inspired me.

In High School, I started growing my artistic knowledge and know-how in a Technologic Arts and Crafts Professional Course. Then grown-up life began and career opportunities came for my other passion, Child Development and Education; along came my 2 own precious children, and to make ends meet a couple of administrative jobs, until 2015 when I founded my own business that combines my love for Arts and Education through Play. That was a wonderful experience and a huge step in pursuing my dreams. After 2 years I saw my business couldn't grow more in that space and time and I was longing to evolve in my career and in my personal development, that's when I decided to come to the USA and study Business and Arts. In the meanwhile, by the serendipity of destiny, I had a spiritual awakening and feel more than ever connected with my Soul's essence and purpose.

That's where I am now, exploring my creativity and potential as an Artist, being guided through my intuition and aligned with the Universe, my free spirit, and positive energy and it is my pleasure to share that with You.



Artist Statement

Always fascinated by learning, exploring, and experimenting with different mediums, techniques, and Art concepts, Xana's body of work includes Jewelry Design and Fabrication, Paintings, and Sculptures. Especially inspired in Nature's Beauty, Mystical Dreamland, and Spirituality, creations are colorful and vibrant with a spark of magic stardust, with fluid curvilinear lines, strokes, and shapes. Designed to share an attentive view of the magnificence that surrounds us, it's an invitation to be living the Present moment with a childlike Curiosity and an open door to Imagination and Creativity.